Researchers from Ohio have found a trend in the number of divorces for older couples.

Have you heard about the “gray divorce?” It refers to the jump in dissolutions seen among a particular demographic – the baby boomers. As individuals live longer, older generations are enduring relationships for longer periods. As a result, lengthy relationships are becoming stale, and divorce among those over 50 is becoming more common.

Baby boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964. A long time ago, when these individuals came into being, marriage looked different. The wife or mother cooked, cleaned and took care of the kids. At the same time, the husband or father served as the breadwinner of the family. This division of labor worked in those times.

However, now, expectations among relationships focus more on individual successes. Whereas partners were dependent on each other in the old days, women today are in the working world and it is easier for married individuals to part ways after the children have left the home. Both partners have careers and the ability to support themselves independently.

A new study from Bowling Green State University has confirmed that the divorce rate for those 50 and above has grown tremendously in the past two decades. In fact, it has doubled. Today, one in four filings for divorce in the United States involves those over age 50. A leading sociologist from the study explains, “Marriages change and evolve over the life course and thus may no longer meet one’s needs at later life stages.”

The evolution of relationships has resulted in an era of encouraged individualism. Now, there is life after 50, and older individuals are willing to explore other options after decades of marriage. No longer do people have to endure the monotony associated with marriages that have simply run their course.

Divorce after 50?

Regardless of the reason for this trend, divorce is an option after age 50. At the end of the day, it does not matter how old you are. If you are ready to move on, it is completely okay. Of course, after a lengthy marriage, divorcing individuals will have to consider a few legal issues, including property division and spousal support (alimony). These issues will be especially relevant, as lengthier relationships tend to acquire significant wealth and assets.

If you would like to learn more about what your rights or obligations are pursuant to a “gray divorce,” speak with a qualified family law attorney in the area. A lawyer can help you move forward.

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