Defensive Driving Tips For Motorcyclists

When spring comes, it brings nicer weather, spring cleaning, allergies, and getting ready for summer travel arrangements, taxes, and motorcycle traffic!! Yes, after long winter months of motorcycles being locked away in their owners garages the motorcyclists at long last have nice weather to bring out the bikes and feel the wind in their hair […]

Three Different Types Of Workers’ Compensation

If you’ve ever been injured on the job, workers’ compensation is there to pay for your medical care immediately. It will pay for temporary disability benefits after a waiting period of three to seven days and will pay permanent partial and permanent total disability to you if you have lasting consequences from injuries caused on […]

You Know It’s Best For Your Kids To Stay With You But Does the Judge?

When it comes to a custody battle with your ex-spouse the judge is going to make the decision based on who is better suited to raise the children. Whenever you go to court for the custody hearing you will want to present the best case that you can that you are the best parent. The […]

2 Things You Didn’t Know About Using Your Social Security

All Amy knew about Social Security was that her grandmother received a check each month to pay her bills. She never imagined she would be in a position at 35 years old to need to know more. Amy was a doctor, and had been practicing medicine for 2 years when she was diagnosed with cancer. […]

What Are My Options After My SSD Claim Was Denied?

In 2014, there were 2,521,459 applications to the Social Security Administration for disability coverage and only 810,973 were actually approved. That is only 32.16% of the applicants. Understanding what your options are may increase the number able to receive this necessary coverage for the other 67.84% of applicants that are now without Social Security resources […]

Can I Keep My Family Farm During My Divorce?

If you’ve filed for divorce, it’s important to know how the laws in your home state impact the division of property and debt. It is also crucial to understand what types of property can be considered during this process, such as in cases where one spouse inherits money or property from a relative during the […]

Debris From Farming Equipment Cause An Accident, Who Is At Fault?

Farming equipment helps to make working the land easy, but it is not without its faults. Your farming equipment is going to produce byproducts that you need to deal with. However, an accident might be caused by the byproducts of the equipment. If you are injured in accident of this kind, who is at fault? […]

I Was Cut Off By A Farm Tractor, And It Caused An Accident. Can I Sue?

Some states require farmers to insure mobile farm equipment if they are being driven on a public highway for any purpose. This classification of mobile equipment includes tractors. Some states treat the accident like a regular passenger auto accident. Some states consider the injuries as a personal injury claim against the farm owner. Either way, […]

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