Following a divorce, child support payments ensure that there is always a way to provide for your children’s needs. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain these payments from your former spouse, or to understand what your support obligations are, but there is a way to get the money and information you need.

I am Oklahoma City child support lawyer Kevin Rehl. With more than 24 years of legal experience, I have the in-depth understanding of child support law needed to guide you through the process of paying or receiving support payments.

I provide you with the direct, personal attention that you need when discussing this complex topic. I give you straightforward answers to your questions, and serve as the trusted resource you need to resolve child support or other divorce-related issues.

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Out Of State Child Support

A growing issue in the field of child support involves situations where one parent moves out of state and then fails to meet his or her child support obligations. In these situations, it can be exceedingly difficult to obtain the payments you need to provide for your children. Conversely, you spouse may have moved out of state with the children and you do not know how that affects your support obligations.

I work with parties on both sides of child support issues, and help them understand how their obligations can be enforced through the Oklahoma court system. I guide you through all stages of the child support and support enforcement processes, so that you get the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced advocate at your side at all times.

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